Best practices to optimize the code review in software engineering

They cannot, and this is a failure of the peer review model as it currently exists. Good code in academia is exactly the same thing as good code in industry. So, essentially, there are the same books, blogs, best practices and places to learn should work. In many places researchers are learning it, start using general-purpose languages and collaborate on code under VCS.

Studies of Code for Better Practices

DO ensure that your repositories are well-configured (e.g. merges to your production-facing branch are not allowed without at least one approving review). Our research practices and procedures distill large volumes of data into clear, precise recommendations. Agile or Lean practices seek to apply lessons from manufacturing on flexibility to IT.

Coding best practices¶

These can come from an individual or from groups as they exchange ideas and experience. Often, these best practices are written down, either in a book or online, to be shared with others. An everyday example of this type of best practice is to look both ways before crossing the street. It isn't a law to look, and people may find some success if they don't do it. But this often-repeated piece of advice produces the best results in the long run if followed. Another example of a best practice is using an Agile Kanban working structure.

Studies of Code for Better Practices

I think this can't be stressed enough, and it's one of the major problems in all of computational science. Other than, say, physics, we have to opportunity to easily share and reproduce experimental setup -- we have to make use of that. If your algorithm/code is the artifact you propose you have to compare it to existing solutions. Make sure to use comparable input, rerun the experiment for the alternatives and follow basic experimental best practice (check out McGeoch's work, for instance). Make sure your comparison includes the accepted standard of your field if there are any; if your approach yields different results, you have to explain why (that's okay/correct/better).

Check For the Reusability of Code

These include reducing work in progress and increasing internal work visibility. Identify areas that would benefit from establishing best practices. Look for roles or groups with inconsistent work product or where there are differing opinions of how to carry out a task.

Even so, the recommendations described above may seem intimidating to implement. Fortunately, the different practices reinforce and support one another, so the effort required is less than the sum of adding each component pursuing better code practices separately. Nevertheless, we do not recommend that research groups attempt to implement all of these recommendations at once, but instead suggest that these tools be introduced incrementally over a period of time.

  • Any initial gains in productivity will be rapidly drowned out by poor quality.
  • Sometimes programmers tend to use X1, Y1, etc. as variables and forget to replace them with meaningful ones, causing confusion.
  • The stakeholder consensus meetings highlighted clarity of methods as an important concern for future research, supported by evidence that few studies provide sufficient detail to understand the research process.
  • Cocreation of data governance based on inclusion of patient and public communities and dialogue with researchers is crucial for ethical and sustainable governance, and to translate expectations into scientific research and scientific output.

Modern programming languages have built-in syntax and methods for the most common tasks, like converting a string to a number or determining if a collection contains a particular element. These are more reliable, performant, and widely understood than anything a programmer might write from scratch, and require far less code than a custom method. Code written idiomatically—that is, using the conventions and built-in features of a language as much as possible—is more readable and requires less maintenance. Organizations that produce software sit at the intersection of a thousand different variables.

Build and Test — Before Code Review

Code reviews also provide mentoring, enabling junior members of the programming staff to learn the practices of the experienced team members. The early or premature reporting or publication of results is only justified in exceptional cases on public health grounds. In such cases, the authors must ensure that the results will simultaneously be under rapid review for scientific publication.

So, stick to those industry methods, techniques you know will save you time on the long run and will improve your software but without taking all of your time. No, you have basically come from a civilized environment that solved these problems decades ago into one that is stuck in the stone age in terms of software development hygiene. Of course you feel a conflict, but the fault is not with you.

Studies of Code for Better Practices

Testing is an integral part of software development that needs to be planned. It is also important that testing is done proactively; meaning that test cases are planned before coding starts, and test cases are developed while the application is being designed and coded. I'm a experimental particle physicist and we write a lot of code and much of it is big projects written by many, dispersed programmers. For research code, it can be as sloppy and poorly-designed as you want, as long as you aren't going to use it later, release it for the public as open source, or maintain it in the future. They're also useful for test-driven development, which I believe fits the field of research quite nicely. In academia, the goal is to write as many quality research papers in the shortest possible time.

Usually advanced CS algorithms research is some years ahead in adopting new methods, hardware techniques before any of those techniques actually hit the industry. On the other hand, in more theoretical CS conferences code is mainly a tool and as such, it does not have to be cutting edge. So, the quality is related to the audience of your product code . At the completion of the meeting there should be a list of action items; that is, a list of code and/or design changes that are required. Code reviewers should be available for follow-up discussions with the code author, to clarify the issues they raised during the meeting. If the recommended changes are extensive, an additional code review should be scheduled, after the changes have been implemented.Where to get more information on code reviews.

Better code, better applications – every time

There are infinite ways to write any computation task, and some are simpler and more predictable than others. Programmers read code when they’re fixing bugs or adding functionality. They read code to discover patterns they can reuse elsewhere. The only thing that’s done to code more often than reading it is executing it. This is the fundamental reason why we concern ourselves with code quality.

It may be helpful to better put review requests on reviewers’ radars, but depending on the overall volume in your channel this may or may not be right for your team. However, DON’T use project leadership as a blunt instrument. DO welcome review and critique of your solutions as much as you encourage them on anyone’s work. Connect directly with peers to discuss common issues and initiatives and accelerate, validate and solidify your strategy. We work with you to select the best-fit providers and tools, so you avoid the costly repercussions of a poor decision.

You can get an Educative Subscription to access all of their courses for just $14.99 per month (70% discount now). By the end of the course, you will know how to do code refactoring and design patterns — one coding practice and one design practice — can operate together and help each other create great design. This is another fantastic udemy course to learn about how to improve the internal design of an existing application with refactoring techniques and design patterns in C#. The goal of the course is to untangle the codebase from a set of deeply nested conditional if/else statements which is hard to read and maintain.

They will often learn new tricks or discover a potentially more optimal way of solving a certain problem. They will also deploy their change set confidently, knowing that other people checked the code for correctness and have agreed that everything is just fine. See Agile team best practices to follow in the enterprise, Power Apps best practices to build business apps, key security patch testing best practices and best practices for increasing cloud visibility. Learn seven best practices to ensure your CI/CD pipeline's security, best practices and strategies for logging in Go, customer service best practices to follow and FinOps best practices to optimize cloud costs. The most common coding best practice is to add comments to the source code.

Performance and attention-to-detail tend to drop off after that point. During development, you’ll mostly deal with problems that can be solved with multiple solutions. The comments you include in the code are a product of your knowledge and experience; you might prefer tackling an issue in a specific way, which may be different from the code author’s approach. Therefore, you should articulate your coding choices to explain your reasoning.


Software engineering leaders should improve software quality by investing time and money, and providing their teams with the autonomy to create and manage best practices. Assertions can make up a sizeable fraction of the code in well-written applications, just as tools for calibrating scientific instruments can make up a sizeable fraction of the equipment in a lab. First, they ensure that if something does go wrong, the program will halt immediately, which simplifies debugging. Second, assertions are executable documentation, i.e., they explain the program as well as checking its behavior.

Code Reviews

We aimed to explain the need for common standards when using health-care data , their use in all medical areas, and to show how a social licence from the public can lead to the cocreation of research with a public health benefit . To improve clinical practice, there are important challenges that should be overcome in all areas of structured health-care data . You can join them to see in action how one can improve their code and learn important lessons along the way. At the same time, it’s not easy to improve your coding without guidance.

If you are looking for a hands-on, point-to-point online course to learn clean code, refactoring, and design Patterns like Interpreter, Fluent Builder, Factory Methods then this course is for you. Using Perforce code review tools eliminates waiting time and helps you collaborate better throughout the process. See for yourself how Perforce static analyzers will help you. When you’re running reviews, it’s best to include both another engineer and the software architect. They’ll spot different issues in the code, in relation to both the broader codebase and the overall design of the product.

Programmers will evaluate each other’s code with the same criteria in mind. When you approach reviews as a learning process, everyone wins. First will cut down on errors and save time in the review process.

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