Do You Work in Or at A Company? Easy Preposition Guide

Competition is healthy in the workplace, especially when it is friendly and rooted in a collaborative culture. However, the culture can take a big hit when competition overcomes collaboration. “With a company” is more specific than “for a company,” though both options work well. If we’re talking about a general place or building, both “in” and “at” are correct. The two prepositions are synonymous with each other as well, though these are the most apparent meanings for them that it helps to follow. I'd like to go a step further than Mr. M. If I am an employee of the company, despite what your book says, it sounds wrong to say you work "with" them.

As far as I know this preposition has got a more 'physical' connotation meaning 'inside the walls of the organisation you work for'. Please, send your comments on this. There is an extensive hiring process to prevent toxic workers. uss express review Room for growth can be with promotions or education for the benefit of you and also the company. There are some companies that are willing to give scholarships away, as long as it is for classes in the same field of work.

Answer 4:

If I were a consultant and the company was my client, I might use with. It is very simple to stick to expectations and follow instructions. When you are given a clear goal and the steps you need to take to get there, that means your job isn’t just throwing numbers, tasks or meetings at you just to keep you busy. They really do want to see you succeed and will work with you every step of the way to make sure that happens. Just not in the sense of being employed somewhere. Yes I said like a human being because I see people going into #interviews and acting like robots....

  • If I am an employee of the company, despite what your book says, it sounds wrong to say you work "with" them.
  • Employees with lower than average wages may often lack motivation and quickly leave for greener pastures, leading to high turnover and poor company culture.
  • Generally, when we use similar prepositions like this, we’re met with an interchangeable possibility.
  • I offered to work for food and supplies, since they didn't have any money to pay me.

Look to see if core values are visible on the company websites. If you can’t locate them, consider this one of the most significant warning signs of a bad company.


Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of employees who would gladly trade your company for just about any other on the planet? Then you may want to start checking the online job postings at these 20 organizations because they have a reputation for being super places to work. The more resumes you distribute, and the more you network, the better chance you have of landinginterviews, and a job. To successfully find employment, you need to target a wide range of employers. That means considering companies of all sizes, from global enterprises to small firms. When competition is present in a workplace with a poor culture, it can cross from friendly banter to aggressive behavior.

work for a company

I’m proud to be on a team that helps bring our customers fresh, healthy food from local farmers and chefs who care. I am proud to that cares about its customers—most importantly, employees like me. I’m proud to be a part of a company that’s committed to creating an inclusive workplace for diverse people.

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