Content Is Parcel Pending A Good Company To Work For?
real reviews of work at home jobs and package parcels

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real reviews of work at home jobs and package parcels

I am your personal supervisor to support in all aspects of this job. – The packages usually include everyday items such as, electronics or sports articles. Download it, print it, fill all the information in, sign it, take a picture of it with your camera or cell phone or scan it and send me a copy over email. We have been building our business in crowd shipping industry where the major goal is to reinvent traditional delivery and e commerce. Though we are still in start-up stage, this year we have had a B-round investment from US and UK venture funds for about $17 mln, and currently we employ about 400 professionals.

Is Parcel Pending A Good Company To Work For?

I have had the local police and the FBI and the Secret Service here and have had to explain that there are legitimate business in the us that do forward packages overseas. In response to submitting my resume, I received an email from Michelle Tran of Real Earth LL, supposedly repackaging electronics. When I googled the company, it did exist, but it sells skin products, not electronics. Then I was led your website and saw the posting from Jim in January.

real reviews of work at home jobs and package parcels

Your application must be submitted by replying to this email and attaching your filled in Application Form. I look forward working with you as an online staffs. I will be waiting for your details response so that we can move on to the next phase. Please provide answers to the following schedule so we could update your folder on the administrative desk.

Pse Mail Processing Clerk

So I don’t know your angle here but please don’t pump that mis-information and having people believe that some of these companies are legit. Because if they were, the government agencies that warn against them would provide the legitimate ones you’re claiming.

  • Below is the actual message that I got from my inquiry to their job posting on Craigslist .
  • And I would say 99.9% of us have been victims.
  • The one I am talking about now didn’t even have a name just asking you want to do work at home and open the little box on craigslist and there was the phone number.
  • And the postal authorities and other law agencies are aware of this as well.
  • Contact for the job is listed as This job is a shipping and repacking scam job.

Oh my gosh, I thought those things were something from the past. A couple of years ago I almost bit and applied to one of those companies, but it said someone had to be home all day and in my house there may or may not be. Then I wondered why, since they can come back later or leave it on the doorstep or leave a note.

How Satisfied Are Employees Working At Parcel Pending?

Anytime you receive an “incorrect address” status, or anything similar, that means the carrier cannot locate you to deliver the package. The information about carrier will be provided on the new shipping documents. Your salary is not affected by the quantity of packages you process. You are going to start with 3-9 packages during the training and go up to 40 per week when you work on a regular basis. Packages may also be delivered not under your name as a security measure due to the Company’s regulations for shipping expensive packages.

You do not need to invest any money to start this job. All the shipping costs and extra expenses will be covered by our company. The position is mostly about accepting, repacking and sending parcels with the help of the Postal Service all over the world. It’s a work at home job and does not require any start-up costs. Please mind that I will be expecting a reply from you within the following 5 days, otherwise this job offer will be passed to the next applicant in the list. We are sending this email one more time. If you already provided your information, please disregard this email.

Login to our company’s online portal to monitor your daily workload, and download and print prepaid shipping labels. Anytime you receive a letter/correspondence addressed to one of our customers/managers you should keep it unopened and contact your personal Manager for further instructions. I also received the email for logistics supervisor position for a Australia company called WR Co. Some items were very inexpensive shipped to stonia, Russia. I don’t want to get paid, but they have copy of my driver license. I do agree that common sense goes a long way.

What Was Getting Shipped?

We are contacting you because you posted your resume on website. We thought you might be interested in a part-time position we currently have but let us give you some information about our company first. Our mission is to help children uss express in need, wherever they are, and provide them with all possible comfort and protection. At the end of the day it’s easy to spot this nonsense without even doing all that. Once they start mentioning shipping products etc, it’s time to say good bye.

We will screen all applicants and select candidates whose qualifications seem to meet our needs. We will carefully consider your application during the initial screening and will contact you if you are selected to continue in the recruitment process. I have attached all the documents needed to continue with your employment to this e-mail.

In this email you can find background information on our organization and the job, an application form with a link to our corporate website and an employment agreement. – Enter your online profile at the company’s site to get a list of current packages, your daily assignments, and the pre-paid shipping documents for forwarding the mail and boxes. The customers are especially companies from oversea that have customers in the U.S. or purchase and sell goods in USA. This is a legitimate job offer and you will sign an agreement for employment with our company. Packages might include clothing, toys, small electronics and much more. Business correspondence vary from regular mail, newspapers, magazines to various gist/prepaid cards purchased by our clients. The trial period for this position lasts 21 business days, during which you will have round-the-clock phone and online support.

According to an USPS employee that my dad talked to “drop-shipping” is actually illegal in the US. I didn’t give anything personal besides my address to Epromover, however I gave my license to Shipping Express Management.

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